Kevin Simpson- York Lewis and Clark.


Kevin was kind enough today to share one of his poems with us. He is one of the first poets to respond to the Dubai call out for the poetician events and has a gorgeous, deep and powerful voice. Pleasure having him read his strong words with us. His bio is under the page on poets. Enjoy.

York, Lewis, and Clark

It’s the bicentennial they celebrate

But almost forgot about me.

In many books you will not see

Or hear my name in history.

Lest we forget from whence we came.

I am the past of many

Africans who lacked a name.

Yes! Lewis and Clark played a big part for I

Will not deny.  Post expedition no money and no

Land would I see and all I could ask was why?

I was strong, able, intelligent, and tall.

One who took on the expedition call.

A member of the great expedition I was named

But for me in life no fame I would claim.

Did you know I was the first black American

To vote and the first black American to cross

The U.S. coast to coast?

The Indians would come to see me

As a friend not an enemy.

On this journey many Indians had never seen

A man all black.  A skin color that saved us

From starvation and attack.

To Indians black was a sacred color

Adored more than any other.

“Brave Warrior”, “Big Medicine”, and “Black Indian”

Some Indians called me. Without my color

and their aid no pages would be a part of history.

Ten years after the journey Clark declared me free.

What I longed for most was recognition along with Lewis

And Clark for my brave part in history.

York, Lewis, and Clark

Should be the official title to include my role

and important expedition part.


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  1. this is the feed back,
    for the poem. great and powerful words; words of truth… a big yes to the writer forgot how powerful his words, and voice is.trully this is a gift, and a talent that God has given.

    passionate parent, who believes in education and using gifts and talents.


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