Poetician Event- March 2nd, Dubai.


Dearest friends, foes and poetry lovers alike, we are happy to invite you to the third installment of the Dubai Poeticians. The group has grown in size, and even though we wont have the lyrical magic of the Human Writes Project which graced us with words out of this world last time, we do have some new poets and the circle of sharing
stories with you is expanding. Rewa, Sarah, Kevin, Nigel, Frank and Rick, as well as myself, will be reading poetry based on the theme of “love/desire”. I am currently also luring two more poets to come join us and if you have any ideas on who would fit in with the mix, email me.
Please do send this invite forward to any friends you may have who would enjoy some spicy poetry.
(Could be a good event to invite that boy/girl you secretly like but are too shy to ask out, nothing
like a well-timed comment after a sexy poem to send a message, I say…)

Location: The Shelter
Date: Tuesday the 2nd of march
Time: 7:30 pm

See you there!
Love and poems,


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