Poem from Joumana, second poem for April.


My dear friend, Joumana Seikaly, is sharing a poem with us for the second day of April poetry month. ( I should have posted it yesterday, but I’m a writer, we don’t listen to the normal passing of time, so there), and so here it is. I loved it and am happy she is contributing. She’s a far better writer than she ever gave herself credit for.

Joumana’s Bio:
Joumana is not a poet, but loves words and writing letters. She also compulsively follows the news.

To and about R

You were the little love
That would not grow
You were the little love that said
I love me
so much more
than you.

I loved you less than others,
and you loved me least.

If you need one last compliment
If I must say one more thing
It would be
That I hated you best
That I have never been
More cruel
Than I was
To and about you
Funny what love does.


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