Feet Off This Earth


How do you communicate with a person who is unware of the shape of your lips?

I thought that speaking is enough.

You cannot change a person who does not see you, eyes are blind till they themselves decide.

You can try to tell a friend you love them.

Love does not exist if they cannot speak the language, face turned away, humming another tune.



you live in your private jungle world
personal geometry and colors of

paint strokes too vivid


to recollect my eyes
a rumble of laughter imprints

from your smile to far distances of an earth i do not know

maybe it is the sky

you dance
tripping on inner melodies i do not hear
instant gratification trumps all that would hurt me
my hurt is buried and invisible
to the roving

you glance away
like a tumbleweed swept up in private refrains
a symphony of vibrations
too loud for my
you breathe out of breath
feet away from me
your heart hitched to strings puppeteered by a magician
baking spells for person one
and i,

stand apart, inner walls keep me

i willfully watch this story ebbing,
an almost love far flung in the distance
ending perhaps

through a transparent fence

a final sideways look to where i stand


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