I have a wonderful friend in DC, who sends me poems and love and thoughts and support and encouragement and confidence and musings and inspiration and courage and light, color, glitter and always, laughter.

This is a little poem he sent me today, I thought I would share. He is a long timer in poetry, and a literary activist, and a lovely man. I miss you too E.

(for Temo)

We will all lose our jobs
if not today then tomorrow.

A writer calls me asking about
how to get published. They are having
a difficult time. I start to explain
the journey we are on, the poet’s path.
The writer interrupts me and says-

Cut the metaphysical bullshit. I want
a Mercedes Benz.

What do you want?

Today I returned my poems to my lover.
I filed for unemployment.
My heart stopped.

E. Ethelbert Miller


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