A flame of gratitude, shot through like a beam of violet glowing light, straight from my center within, that haunted place where poetry resides, aimed straight at the center of your forehead, to envelop you in a small slice of magic, that other world I obsess about.
Or maybe, just a quick hug if you can tell me what you think the next poem is about!

“There are different wells within your heart.

Some fill with each good rain,

Others are far too deep for that.

In one well

You have just a few precious cups of water,

That “love” is literally something of yourself,

It can grow as slow as a diamond

If it is lost.

Your love

Should never be offered to the mouth of a


Only to someone

Who has the valor and daring

To cut pieces of their soul off with a knife

Then weave them into a blanket

To protect you.

There are different wells within us.

Some fill with each good rain,

Others are far, far too deep

For that.”

by Hafiz.


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