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Dorian Paul D—-The (Handsome :P) face of Abu Dhabi’s spoken word community!


Dorian Paul is a lovely writer. A generous man. One of our newest Poeticians. An enthusiastic man who brought rooftop rhythms to Abu Dhabi the past year, and started a spoken word and poetry collective growing there. Much respect and admiration to you sir, from the Dubai and Beirut clan. His deep southern drawl, his sense of humor and powerful choices of topics for his work resonate with me, a lot. Thank you for sharing your work with the Poeticians, both on stage and on the (virtual) page. Welcome to the group! Everyone, enjoy this piece by Paul. Check out his work online as well, he has several clips of the performers at his events.

The Phenomenology of Roundness

by Dorian “Paul D” Rogers

Life is most definitely round.
I stopped chasing my future when I found it in my back pocket after taking my clothes out of the wash the other day. It was hidden in the lint and blue jean matter.
I no longer get teary-eyed when my past pants in my ears like a loose hyena.
I reminisce my grandfather’s laughs in the present tense although his tombstone where he lies lies and says he is long gone.
Time is cyclical, and Westerners are dying earlier from the depressing effects of believing it is linear.
Certain African tribes call it zamani, the “now-ness of time”. I call it the roundness of time because that just sounds cooler.
I will name my first daughter Zamani although my wife will call it “ghetto” and swear that I will be cursing her to a life of unemployment. I will tell her to get “o-ver” it and laugh at my own inside joke.
Our universe is but one sud in a soda can.
Nipples aren’t erogenous zones but baby bulls’ eyes.
When someone calls you zero or rates you as such, take solace in the fact that they compared you to something round.
Nothing squarish is cool except some board games.
Octagons mean to halt. Triangles force you to be cautious. Rectangles sound like accidents and getting caught in snares.
Circles claim the sun, earth, cells, and wombs as their shape-bearers.
Eggs are this shape and so are buttons that fasten and unhinge.
Want to have an equitable meeting?
Set chairs in a circle.
Get around to it.
Want to tell someone you understand? Tell them, “Oh”.
Look in the mirror and say it to see what shape your lips make.
Form your mouth in a round fashion to give the ultimate satisfaction to your man.
Men get slapped by their spouses for getting distracted from roundness.
Ditch the stop lights and take the round-a-bout.
Look around you and all you will see is round.