Sheer pleasure of virtual diaries.


It is strange, this desire to write and share poetry with no one and everyone.

Maybe I will stick to news and not pillow talk for a change!

We are having the last Poetician event tomorrow night, in Dubai, at the Shelter, at 8 pm. If by some miracle, some Dubai peeps are reading this and like poems, come to the Shelter at 8 pm, May 31st for some poetry. If you’re some stalker who would like to violently kill me, I wont be there.

In other good news, my second book will be out in two weeks. Yay! Both in the US and the Levant and Dubai. Two publishers have taken on 300 pages of poetry. Brave women. I dont have a name for the book yet, it’s driving me and 5 really close friends mad, since I keep calling at odd hours of night with random suggestions that are horrifyingly crap. I have two days, and after that I am officially a class A moron.

I am not in the best of moods today. A combination of travel, mood swings of my heart strings, sensual entanglements require some thought, and I am a homeless nomad till I finish my film in October. I think I will nest after that. Maybe even buy some glitter.  Maybe even decorate! ye gods!

So, since am in such a great mood, I picked a poem for you called “Cemetery”, about  love and loss in Dubai.

I took a walk
fog slithered between grains of sand
lurked under the foliage
they imported, probably from some catalogue
paid for by salt free water
and everywhere I marked little tombstones
of us, in all places you kissed me
you grabbed blindly for my hand, a sincere
move, a surprise in our expectant afternoon
the first morn we drove away
we suddenly saw each other, saw
really saw
you didn’t just look at me anymore, and here
you touched me, felt my waist
my taste
we parked to drink juice, an excuse for our hands
to keep busy away from the desire to
hold you
and here
I stroked your hair, saying soft
you smiled in silence but for your eyes closed, signals
sent in reverence
to fingertips
and there, you laughed, the glint of teeth
faded now, lights high of these skyscrapers
shrouded in hazy language and this fog that won’t lift
from our departure, heavy
the way
you never managed to say
good bye to me
your absence a trail of smoke
I took, on a leash, for a walk. I took a chance
to try and hear nothing but the music in
my mind that won’t
remind me
of you, but those buildings, glazed
over, the lights of glitter at the top
mock me, becoming the distant shine of your smile
in a big vacant hole where my
ribs might have been
chest dented, heart cavity
nature is sensitive to our demons.
Suspended between grassy
lawn and the humidity
plaguing the trees, I met the biggest
spider I ever saw in this desert, hung
in mid sentence, as we hung in the rift of desperate
messages we never
sent to another in language understood
to end this
to end like the incomplete
lovemaking you left as bits
of road kill on Dubai streets where
once you kissed me
a carcass bloody, intestines spilled, lungs fractured, brain
matter leaking
weeping into the soil
wretched limbs mangled
skin you loved now cracked open, dusty.
And I stopped to stare at this spider
to say,
congratulations little guy
on your flight
on your escape
on your ability to
make a home out of thin air
and I walked on
without a hearth to call my own, without the universe of your
chest to shroud me
nothing save
little tombstones of your
cruel words as elegies serving
as guide lights along
the grave-marked


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